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August 3, 2015

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Ms. Yunice Patrick regarding JJ’s Playhouse Children’s Museum and Gym.  I am delighted by the concept for this unique, educational facility that blends mind play with physical action, but I am event more delighted by the passion of its founder.  Ms. Patrick shows tremendous dedication and determination for her vision, and I am greatly in support of both her and JJ’s Playhouse.

The community would benefit from providing a home for JJ’s Playhouse, and certainly our parents and children would be healthier and happier for it.  As the Chamber President, I serve on a community task force to decrease community obesity and increase community health overall.  Our Chamber also leads community efforts on workforce development, hoping to steer young children into community jobs that would match need.  Ms. Patrick’s vision lends itself to being a part of the puzzle of solving both of these dilemmas.

I am happy to provide my support to Ms. Patrick’s vision, and certainly hope JJ’s Museum lands here in Douglas County where we can promote it to residents and tourists alike.


Kali Kirkham Boatright

President & CEO