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Welcome to our emerging children’s museum!

JJs Playhouse Children’s Museum is currently under development. In addition to presenting exciting programs for children, we are raising funds to build Atlanta’s newest destination location where children will explore, be engaged, have fun, love to learn and have the desire to accomplish their dreams in life.

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Unite with parents, grandparents, and other supporters in opening our children’s museum & gym. Join donors who contribute a minimum of $5 per month.

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Open Letters:

This letter is in support of Mrs. Yunice Patrick regarding JJ’s Playhouse Children’s Museum and Gym.  Mrs. Patrick recently shared her vision with me for this unique opportunity in our area to help strengthen our families and community.  As Superintendent of Douglas County Schools... Read More I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Ms. Yunice Patrick regarding JJ’s Playhouse Children’s Museum and Gym.  I am delighted by the concept for this unique, educational facility that blends mind play with physical action, but I am event more delighted by the passion of its founder... Read More

Architecture: Design & Build Event

designJoin us for our next event as we build JJs Kid City.  Built by kids, for kids!!  Learn about Architecture, work with Architects, and have fun building a place just for you.

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Watch, join in, and go with us as we grow! 

Imagine a place where every child can just be a kid.  A place where they can learn, grow and have fun.   A place that challenges children to develop natural critical thinking skills… provides hands-on opportunities to understand the world around them… and, instills positive physical, social and educational habits.  JJ’s Playhouse is such a place.  We are JJ’s Playhouse Children’s Museum & Gym.