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iStock 000015651279XSmallOur Capital Campaign:

We seek partnerships with corporations, foundations, government agencies, community leaders, and friends who wish to:

  • Become an important part of the proven benefits of arts and physical education programs
  • Fuel the social, intellectual and physical development of children in West-Metropolitan Atlanta and surrounding areas

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Coming Soon! 
We are raising funds to build Atlanta’s newest destination location where children will explore, be engaged, have fun, love to learn and have the desire to accomplish their dreams in life.

Please continue to check back.

Suffee1Meet 9’ Stuffee, a one-of-a-kind ambassador for health! Children pre-k through grade 4 can learn about the human body, listen to Stuffee's heartbeat, take his pulse, and hold soft sculpture reproductions of the heart, lungs, intestine, stomach and other organs.

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Watch, join in, and go with us as we grow! 

Imagine a place where every child can just be a kid.  A place where they can learn, grow and have fun.   A place that challenges children to develop natural critical thinking skills… provides hands-on opportunities to understand the world around them… and, instills positive physical, social and educational habits.  JJ’s Playhouse is such a place.  We are JJ’s Playhouse Children’s Museum & Gym.